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Yesterday was really good actually no.type of.depressing thoughts and Marnia you were right about those cold showers and sleep. I took one at about 9 and went to sleep at about 2 hours earlier than normal. I slept really hard too so when I woke up I was actually tired.But today has been a different story been pretty irritated because of my mom we don't get along very well. And I was actually feeling really good until i got over here.At the moment I'm feeling kind of "numb" at the moment. The guys at YBR said that it them a pretty long time before they reached their "peaks" and got their emotions back and felt like their old selves again.Which is understand able, I can't wait until I have that "refreshed" feeling again. Right now the day's still grey it's just not raining. Instagram's gone the next Is going to be twitter probably it's just to many triggers of the stuff that brought me here in the first place I can't let my brain get its "meds" off of this stuff again. I'm going to draw like a concept web of my whole story because it seems kind of unusual why I experienced certain things when I experienced them so i think it's going to be good for me to figure it all out. Oh, and work was great today too made a lot of people laugh today and it was cool to be the "center of attention" once again.


Glad you're doing well

I remember constant friction with my mom at your age, and now I love her dearly. I'm not saying it can't get better, but I wouldn't take it too seriously...if you can help it. Adolescence is a time of separation, and all adolescent mammals get a bit...reactive. Without that, they wouldn't separate and found their own families. But the process is hard on both parents and kids.

It's very cool that you tried the cold shower. I'm not surprised that your nervous system is still a little off. That simply wasn't enough sleep...for a while. Let your system get used to the new routine and I think you'll see an overall improvement.


Ive been feeling

pretty sluggish today brain feels tired just want to lay up in bed type of vibe. This must be brain fog.Any way to relieve this? I took a cold shower earlier but im still on sluggish side.As far as moods been pretty down as a result feeling better only until now still going to do that concept web so I can make sense of things.And yeah the separation is hard on both sides of the fence. When I was a kid I always thought how can they talk to their parents that way??? Now I understand it's like the older I get the more annoying everyone becomes (especially adults).

Why not?

Let your body tell you when it has had enough. And if the cold showers are helping you nod off sooner, go with those too for a while.