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I can't even remember the last time I was on this site it has to be about 5 months now or even longer. But I just wanted to come back and give an update on what's been going on in 2015. Well I can honestly say that I am HAPPY. I am SO happy to have my peace of mind back its crazy. I never thought I would get back to this point but I am! It's crazy how I don't even think about it anymore it's all like it never even happened. The depression, the anxiety, the mood swings it's like my brain has come full circle again and every facet is in alignment. I remember I would have to use this site or ybr nearly every day to keep me SANE that hopefully things would change. Now I'm completely detached I don't look up HOCD stories, porn stories, rebalancing stories, reuniting blogs it's really crazy. I thought I would always have to use these sites as a crutch but I'm walking perfectly now! I must say I owe every ounce of success and gratitude to Marnia and everyone on ybr and Gary also! If it wasn't for you guys I would've continued to watch even MORE porn because I thought that if I continued to watch it even more that I would get tired of that particular type and I would go back to previous tastes but that would've only led me to more extreme stuff so I'm glad I found out the information I did and utilized it. I also have to give myself a pat on the back for having the gumption to stand strong and go through that long period without any meds & TRYING to make the best out of it with the small amount of hope I had! I'm back! I feel like myself again and have for MONTHS so I know this is the real thing! I'm having crushes, flirting again and just enjoying life! I'm not worried about the gay thing at all! I even have an offer on a girlfriend but I'm just very picky when it comes to women so I think I may need to lower my standards but there's a conflict ion there because I feel as if I shouldn't settle for less. But I'll figure that out. Now my relationship with porn still needs work but I'm just going to slowly ease off of it this time because if I quit cold turkey like last time I feel as if the same thing could happen to me and I CANNOT I mean CANNOT go through that again! I don't feel awkward talking to people I feel like I have re-emerged ever since the end of 2014 and since 2015 hit! 2015 really has been my comeback year! My mind has been able to totally acquiesce itself to new ideas positive thoughts & being HAPPY!! I won't be here hardly ever but I will check in from time to time because I don't have to use this site as a crutch anymore I'm finally back and it feels spectacular. So to anyone reading this who's struggling or running the same race that I did I want to give you one thing which is hope! Remember rain NEVER lasts forever! Until next time - Chris