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I found this very interesting what "deathbypixels" had to say about how going without fapping for so long how it lead him to deep depression.And when he fapped again depression,anxiety etc was gone all while still doing no porn.I think it correlates with me maybe because I feel myself battling with depression again and its been 180+ days of no PMO.

What do you guys think of this?


sometimes withdrawal causes depression

I'm not sure what the solution is -- I think some of this post withdrawal is inevitable. But not for months and months.

And there isn't anything wrong with masturbation in limited doses as long as it doesn't include porn or fantasy.

Some guys might do fine with some masturbation now and then.

Sometimes you have to be flexible and not stick to hard and fast rules.




I agree

The thing is I've gone so.long without masturbation that I don't even want to do it anymore. Masturbating and orgasm seems like something not satisfying anymore. Who knows, it could be beneficial. By the way Marnia, I don't use Qustodio anymore I have a new phone and I don't use any type of porn blocker.

maybe it's something else

Be careful, you read one anecdote of a person who fapped and their anxiety and depression didn't return. That doesn't mean you should try fapping to chase away a bit of depression you're feeling. You've worked really hard to get porn out of your life, but maybe you're feeling down because of something else? How's your eating, sleeping, and social life? Are you exercising? Do you need more challenge, physically or intellectually?
On another thread someone was talking about a proven benefit from daily cold showers to fight depression!