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Week 7 - Abstinence

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I've completed 7 weeks of abstinence. That means no porn of any kind, no masturbation or orgasm for 7 weeks. It's been easy to not look at porn, but I'm still missing my libido. I've started a new weights program, which I'm pretty excited about. It involves working out more days than before. So hopefully that will assist with increasing testosterone (and libido).

Week 6 - Abstinence

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I've completed 6 weeks of abstinence. That means no porn of any kind, no masturbation or orgasm for 6 weeks. I honestly feel now like I don't need porn and will never need to go back to it. I'm aware that this can be a trap of sorts and that I have to watch out for triggers to keep my run going. I have no intention of ever going back to porn. As far as I'm concerned, those days are over.

Week 5 - Abstinence

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I've just reached 5 weeks of abstinence. That means no porn of any kind, no masturbation or orgasm for 5 weeks. I'm over the flu-like symptoms which is good and I've started hitting the weights again. it feels good to be squatting again. ROAR! Blum 3 The insomnia has gotten better though there are still some restless nights, but my quality of sleep has improved dramatically.

Week 4 - Abstinence

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It's been four weeks of abstinence now. That means no masturbation, no looking at porn, no reading erotic stories, not even looking at scantily clad women in magazines. I've kept fantasising to a minimum. The abstinence bit has been quite easy, but in the last week I've been hit by terrible insomnia. I'll usually be able to get to sleep, but I'll wake up during the night with my heart beating fast and then I won't be able to get back to sleep. In the past I used masturbation and/or porn to help induce sleep when I've had trouble sleeping, but this is no longer an option.

Clarification: My Recent Withdrawal Symptoms

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In my first post, I mentioned that I didn't have much trouble stopping watching porn and masturbation, which is true. I haven't experienced the intense cravings that others have, but I believe I'm experiencing some of the more minor withdrawal symptoms. It's been just over 3 weeks since I've masturbated or looked at porn. So I thought I should clarify this. Possible withdrawal symptoms are:

- Restlegs legs. My legs won't stay still when I'm sitting in my chair. I seem to do this involuntarily a lot.

No Porn, No Masturbation for 3 Weeks Now

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NOTE: I deleted my original post and moved this to my blog.

I'm 28 and I've been aware that porn is having a big negative impact on my sex life and my life in general for some time now. I came across this site and much of what I read resonated with me. Basically, my use of porn has left me with erection problems, arousal problems, possibly contributed to my long-term depression and has left my feeling disconnected with people and life in general.