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Having read Cupid's Poisoned Arrow my wife and I decided to experiment with Karezza. We have been practicing the exchanges with some success for two weeks now. We have both noticed a shift in our attitude and beahviour since doing so. Neither of us is sure if we want to continent for the rest of our lives, watch this space.




the shifts in how you perceive her, and she you, will continue for quite some time in my experience. This stuff is SO great and just gets better and better. 

Nobody has to make life decisions. It's just for a few weeks to see how things are. It's all an experiment, isn't it?


Only having read CPA, I have noticed you have written a couple of books with orgasm in the title. Have you changed your ideas since writing these books?


Are you thinking of someone else's work? Diana Richardson, who actually teaches a similar practice, has a book with orgasm in the title, but my books don't have "orgasm" in the title.


There seems to be a wide range of understanding about what Karezza is. I guess it is what it is, for each cuple practising it. I cannot imagine my wife and I having sex without oral sex or lingerie - at least occasionally. I don't see this posing a problem as far as controlloing orgasm. There may also be occasions when i bring her to orgasm, if that is what she wants; as she feels there are no repercussions for her - i guess we will discover if this is true as our experiment continues.
Thanks for writing Cupid's Poisoned Arrow and bringing this idea to my attention.