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i just began a three month accelerated course in computer languages a few days ago. I'm finding it so challenging. its brining up so much primitive emotion. it feels like I'm in a foreign land at times .



The learning curve must be incredibly steep at first. Good luck! I admire your ambition.

I take it you're tired of flying around, resisting the urge to pour hot tea in the laps of unruly passengers?

Let us know how you get on.

i wish i had something

i wish i had something positive to share, but i feel so hopeless and angry and alone and weak at times. Ive tried so much to change but im tired of walking down what seems like a never ending dark tunnel alone. I wish i new where to find the right support, the right love, the right work.

No. the coding school didn't

No. the coding school didn't work out.

I spent two years spending $165 a week for a 50 minute hour doing psychotherapy. I dont feel any happier about my life. I don't have the luxery of doing that any longer and quite frankly even if i could afford at this point, I wouldn't do it. I wish I had invested that money into a financial future for myself.

I know your just trying to help and i appreciate your suggestion. Im just feeling very stuck and theres probably not anything anyone can say right now thats really going to make a difference.

Let Me

put my arms around you
and hold you close.
May you feel my heart beat
and the love that flows from my heart,
from Heaven and Earth,
through our embrace to fill you with Love
always there.

Here comes the dangerous part
Watch out!
I would whisper advice into you ear...
Don't listen!
Bathe in the Love
Do not forget
Do not deny it
Love is here for you

"It's just a smile away"
Gimme Shelter