Will the Real God please stand up?

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Who is this God? What are my unconscious assumptions about God? Why am I so attached to this God? Why am I holding on to this anger toward this god. My anger is the glue that holds us together. My anger seems to protect me from being used and hurt by this fake and untrustworthy God


Hi diamondsoul,

Hi diamondsoul,

I know about a lot of people who are angry against God, but it happened not to me - as far as I remember, even it my expectations from God changed. It seems that many have a certain picture from God and expectations as well. If these are not fulfilled, then we are dissapointed and angry. But the anger is not towards the real God, but towards our picture,

The same way we use our partners as a mirror of our expectations, we do it with God. So the question is, if God is sometihng which happens innerworldly or in our brain, as some modern theologicans say. Or if there is a supernatural personality which really exists (and may have influence to our life).

Who is the real God and how is he? The explanation for me is like that: A Creator made this world (and the universe) in a way that it runs by itself, automatically, so-to-speak. Because of this we have complete freedom from him, but a lot of collateral damage happens, We have also the freeedom to hurt others or to do them damage - willingly or unknowing. And now this secret Creator says; I have a solution for all that. Come to peace with yourself and your neighbour and the whole world. And he will have a cure for the damage that happened, so that in the end nobody will complain.

Ths secret God gave us hints how he is, and the best way was when he came to us in the person of the humble carpenter Jesus. I don't say that christianity as it is now is the real thing. But to know more about that God and how he really is, I would suggest to read the evangelists. The core is: Love yourself and your neighbour the same. Enjoy your life and help other to enjoy it. And he will add to this.

Today I ended up M/Oing. I've

Today I ended up M/Oing. I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately. I'll do my best in the upcoming days to not give in to the chaser effect.

Ive been reflecting on some of the 12 step material especially step one and two. Trying to figure out whether my addictve tendencies and compulsions are really beyond my control - to what extent my ability to form healthy relationships is out of my control. Ive never seen myself as having issues that are beyond what I can consciously will on my own, just somebody that needs to try harder, or have more self control, or get back up after i fall and read another self help book.

The idea of addmiting helplessness in an area of my life is hard to accept, especially because I have not experienced some of the more serious consequences of addiction - and perhaps that's because I attempt and am often successfully able to exert the control over my life that I need to keep it in order.