Why are we negative in here?

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Hi Everyone.
this post is to open our eyes about the real challenge we are facing right now, with a lil bit of my testimony included. Dear friend i noticed with lot of sorrows that bloggers talk more about their relapses, failure of having normal intercourse, masturbation, PMO, PE, and others.

The whole picture of this is just worrisome and full of despair. there is no hope for any newcomers reading at those posts. I know the struggle is real, as porn, masturbation and fantasies are real problem here. just answer this set of question and project yourself to the future: Am I ever going to get married and enjoy sex with a normal wife and have kids? for those in their marriage, is it worth to see your spouse suffer the lack of intimacy?

Good news, God is good. sorry if i mention my religious view here, but it is up to everyone to choose which is good fir him..there is a solution for the everlasting relapsers here. it is called CHANGE.

it starts with your will to see your ED solve once for all and enjoy a better life as a human being. QUIT PORN AND MASTURBATION> + FANTASIES I forgot to add. do something important with your life. Block anything that could trigger any sexual appetite. it can start with the softcore sex you watch on TV, goes with the naked pic you unwillingly see on facebook. to something bigger. then you find yourself masturbating and shrinking back to despair.

oh by the way my friends, masturbation is of no good. give your life to Jesus Christ and trust to him only he will help you. i mean take a real commitment to kick porn in your life and any related sexual deviation. for God loves us , he wants to heal us. so make him a way into your life and be a better person. thanks for reading :)


This forum

is a kettle, but the success stories are collected and posted over on YBOP, as the focus for recovering porn users has shifted to that site. (It grew out of this one.)

If you want to read success stories, there are many, many of them over there.

http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-accounts (see links at bottom of page)

If ED is a problem, see http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/erectile-dysfunction-question

If you just want to read of guy's successes in short stories, see BENEFITS

Or visite Uncle Bob: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/uncle-bob-porn-addiction-recovery-tips

I'm encouraging new visitors struggling with porn to go to one of these forums, as they are very good for support, and have surpassed this site in some ways: