1 week!

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I'm feeling really motivated this time! but you can really never let your guard down. I've been limiting my computer time. i've found that any searching that requires typing in a topic and searching through links, like ebay or google, very dangerous. Even if innocent, they can really trigger that urge in my brain for a dopamine rush caused by clicking a link. a few nights i find myself on youtube looking through the related videos for sexy content, and each time you click it taktes you deeper into that section. Its a dangerous game, So i slam my computer shut once i realized i was doing it.

Any time i get an urge i make myself read or play guitar. Worst case scenerio i watch TV, but i've been trying to cut back on that aswell. Anything is better than porn i guess though.

My motivation for the gym has been high, which is good. you can really kill your urges with a good workout, and just feeling like sleeping rather than pmoing!

not to much withdrawl so far rather then a mild headache which i can get rid of with some exercise
also some mild depression in the mornings but that can be exercised off aswell.

On to week 2!!!