Day 25 - Canadian logic

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The farthest I got in no PMO since coming here has been 25 days. Last time I made it this far, I wrote, "Day 25 - My paleomammalian brain thinks I'm a dying, castrated man". This time I have been masturbating to orgasm once a week - Sundays if ya wanna think of me ;-). Last time was no PMO all out. What kind of worries me is that the first one of the last three orgasms was a self-handjob in the shower. The second week, I fucked Athena (my 20 pound pussy and ass toy) to orgasm, which was more visually stimulating. Then, the third time, I fucked Athena again, to very little, but nevertheless, more visual stimulation (porn DVD cover with explicit pictures). I had a little lustful chaser effect that started to finally go away well into this morning. As you see, each week, my brain wanted a stronger fix of orgasm chemicals. So while I will continue to bust weekly nuts because I think it's best for me, I will need to be cognizant of my activity with the one eyed monster, so I never slip back into my old ways.