Day 33 - Don't you give up my young, young friends

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Wowee, have I been busy lately or what?! Besides schoolwork's pace picking up, and giving me a good challenge, I'm getting heavily involved in playing sports 3x a week after classes. Also, I've been jogging 15-20 miles/week as of late, up from almost nothing. All this aerobic activity is making my body as well as my attitude *almost* unrecognizable to me, as if going from a 36" waist to a 28" in the last 15 months wasn't enough!

Unfortunately, I continue to have to deal with disrespect from haters, with a pinnacle event occurring this morning that truly tested my inner strength. Even so, I'm now in a band, sporting with guys from all classes in school, and I'm also developing a close circle of friends who I can talk to about anything, and never be judged. I'm finding that my inner wisdom is guiding this ship that I'm the captain of. Hopefully I can get a monster load of schoolwork done this weekend so I can enjoy the gorgeous summer weather, band-jamming, and spending time with my birds. Things are on the up and up, friends.