109 Hours PMO Free

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I've decided to go hour by hour as one day is just too long. I'm hoping it will also help me just to stay in the moment.

I have some graph paper and I just mark off each hour as it goes by. My goal is 2160 hours, or 90 days PMO free. It's kind of encouraging as the hours go by pretty quick and I feel like I'm making progress. Over 100 hours already! Which is only 4 days, LOL.

I'm really struggling right now with fantasizing about a girl I dance with. My instructor recommended her to me as a dance partner a few days ago and I've been struggling with fantasies ever since. The logical thing to do is to ask her for some one on one dancing time and see how we get along but I won't see her for at least a few days and right NOW I just want to have sex with her in my head! My desire to be friends with her is staving off this fantasy for the time being.

One little trick I've been using is to dance with her in my mind rather than having a sexual fantasy. Avoidance doesn't seem to work but if I can just divert the fantasy enough to turn it into something innocent, like dancing, it seems to calm my mind down a little.

Anyway, just posting so that I can stay strong in this moment. 38 minutes till I mark off another hour.

Failure is not an option :)


When a potential mate

enters the picture, it's normal for your brain chemistry to get a bit unruly. That's true for most all humans who are not numbed out on an addiction.

I like the "diversion" tactic. Very good strategy. Did you see this TED talk?