90 Days To Freedom - Day 1

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The holidays have really been playing havoc with my system with PMO and sugar cravings so I'm setting myself a new goal and I'm going to eradicate from my mind any thought of ever going back. What really knocked me down is losing the hope that I could have my needs met in a healthy way.

I need to set myself a new challenge so I can focus on the goal rather than the cravings. The goal is to stay PMO free for 90 days (90 Days to Freedom Challenge).

God/The Universe, give me the strength, the will and the desire to overcome these addictions!

Here we go, Day 1...


Thanks Marnia

I'll keep going. After all my name is "dontgiveup"! Lol.

Cravings quite bad today, especially after doing meditation which tended to lead into fantasies. Just have to make sure I don't spend too much time lying in bed when I'm not sleeping.