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Technically it's been 2 wks since P although I was really annoyed at myself yesterday because I was waiting to go dancing and the cravings were really bad so I did some meditation, fell asleep and had a wet dream. I know it's pretty much automatic but I was angry with myself because I was holding off to give that energy to the girls I was going to be dancing with.

I've taken up some of the prior advice and I'm a lot more talkative with the girls and some of them are melting! I always thought I would find the perfect one but I think I'm falling in love with females in general. How am I supposed to pick just one when there are qualities in a lot of them that I like? Anyway, I'll just go with the flow, take it slow and try to be open to the possibilities.


I'm looking forward

I'm looking forward to those bonding behaviors. I feel like internally I am ready for a gf, or at least a cuddle buddy. I feel calmer and have a desire just to be able to give to someone. The external reality hasn't quite caught up yet, but I think I'm close.