Day 1 no MO, Day 4 no P

Submitted by Drewboo on
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I've been very aroused lately, spending time with the opposite sex and getting into those conversations where it's better to have not started them at all led me to MO, but no Porn. I tried to masturbate with minimal fantasy, just focusing on the feelings that touch provided. Wow, I have to say that although I enjoyed it, my erection was at like 30-40% most of the time and that was without my deathgrip, light touch instead with lubrication.
I noticed two things:1)-I enjoyed focusing on the sensations wayyyy more than watching porn and had much less of a hangover afterwards (minimal fantasy tho-was focused on real person in past scenario) 2)-took at least 10 mins or so to reach a 30-40% erection and was lost in under 30 seconds after touching ceased.
I'll conclude that although enjoyable, I am no where near able to have sex again. I don't think I'd last to make it to penetration and if I did, I'm afraid I'd probably lose it soon once inside. That puts an end to my experimenting, at least light touch felt good again, i don't remember the last time it did really.