17 years old , day 65

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Day 65 no PM. day 24, no PMO, well, yesterday i went to see my girlfriend and take a breake with her. I was depressed but today i'm better, i again dreamed fighting with my girlfriend and her rejecting me, but that's not a big deal , the big deal is that i got a lucid dream !:D yes A LUCID dream. It was short becouse my mother entered the room and break the sync, but i realized i was dreaming and surprisingly i had a very good control over my dream. .I started flying/floating, it was really cool. It was like feeling my body possition in bed ,and in the same time feel the body in the dream but i was seeing what was happening in the dream. The reboot is going well i think. I can't wait for the moods to stabilize. I get one or two random erections per day ,but not 100% and not long lasting. I had a morning wood 2 days ago but i imediatly fall asleep again and when i woke up the second time there was no wood. I hope i will get more frequent woods.
I started to read a book "The way of the superior man" , i've heard that this book it's a tresure, it will help me embrace my masculine, understand what women wants in a real MAN. I think this also will help me with my rebooting process.