17 years old, help!

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So i'm in my 59th day of my rebooting( no PM) , 17 no PMO , and i had another wet dream , it was like my girlfriend was sort of a whore...i don't really remember right, but there were more guys , and she was kind of sluty , and then fruther in the dream she gave me a blowjob , where i O very quickly , like 2 seconds after she started . I felt kind of sad when i woke up becouse of her personality in the dream and cuz i O'ed so fast, I know it's just a dream but that shows how ensure i am about me and especialy about her. I went and meet with a girl , one of my classmates , this girl have a crush on me for a long time, i meet her to recive a notebook i needed , we talked , we had a very nice chat and drinked a soda with her at McDonalds .I have some concerns. It is ok to have wet dream after wet dream?
I don't want to speed up my reboot or something, but i also don't want to take too long , like more than 4-5 months , so i need an advice. I've readed that young guys like me who started on porn will take a longer period of time to reboot, and have to be very very strict about it , that means no PMO at all . I should or not O have sex with my girlfriend after i get some sesitivity back? I am willing to avoid that for another month or 2 if it will slow down the reboot process.