17 years old, wierd dream

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It's day 56 of my rebooting of no PM , and day 14 without O (only in wet dreams) , so, i just woke up and i had a wierd dream , i don't really remember all of it just some small parts, the thing is that this dream had sexual content , where i watched , not sure if i watched real people or porn, but the thing is , it wasnt really like porn, more like a couple. It's like i watched through other's guy eyes(the guy was black) , but still feel my body and touch my penis sometimes to check my erection , my penis size and things like that. I was on a newspaper site yesterday , a fashion/vip/gossip one , and there i clicked on a news , but i did not know what is before i played the video there, i just skiped and there was a girl stripping , but i did not watched it , like i skiped right where the girl revealed her breast and when i saw that i closed it imediatly and redirected all my attention to a video i was watching previosly. I hope this is not a relapse , and that this will not set me way back into my rebooting.
And i got a bit worried, do my PE problems will remedy doing the reboot and some kegels ? I heard about some guys that got even worst with PE but some improved .
And i forgot to tell you another thing , before i started my rebooting , i got to the point that porn did not excite me that much and i was going to chatroulette , a site where people can video-talk but some people were up to nasty things there. So sometimes i would just go there to have some fun. But last night i decided that i would go there just to socialize and talk to people , no more nasty stuff . Well the thing is that i was still banned there, and i stayed there 10-15 minute and worked in comunity service to unban me , and i gave up.


Totally cool man - It's a

Totally cool man - It's a normal part of the process. Just relax and let it be. Everything that happens during the reset is a part of the reset. It's good that you ignored the stripping video, but don't tense up either. If you resist it may persist ;-). Just calmly close it and return to what you were doing, knowing that it's just passing by for a visit. With that attitude, it will not persist in your mind.

Whatever you're feeling in your body, accept the feelings, allow them
Whatever thoghts you're having about yourself in those moments, allow them

In this way, the resistance disappears and the desire will truly go away, with no force! ---This is obviously no excuse to get lazy and let your guard down though (i've fallen into that trap lol)

You're doing well -farther than me! Keep it up. Smile

thanks man, i'll try to do my

thanks man, i'll try to do my best, i really want to be normal and to experience the real lovemakeing , and maybe take it even fruther. I am the type of guy who likes to connect body - mind and spirit. And i wish i will be able to do that in the next months . At first i want to cure myself of this nasty ED , this is a problem now, imagine in the next few years what a big impact will have this problem on me , i am happy i discovered YBOP , reuniting , rebooting this early and deal with it now. I am patient but i hope the rebooting proces will not take more than 4-5 months.( I am doing this rebooting not only for me, but for my girlfriend also, i want her to experience her first sexual intercourse with a normal and healthy partner, maybe a much better one than most of guys) Also i hope that my PE will cure as well , becouse this is like another big rock on my chest beside ED. Next month if the rebooting works well , i hope i will see major improvements in my erection , and finaly have sex with my girlfriend i care so much about.

Good Luck

Hey Dublife,

I'm new to this whole rebooting thing (day 7), and I'm also doing it to help my relationship. That's awesome that you have a girl you care about! I wish you success, and her happiness!