17 years rebooting update , feeling depressed

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1 month and 3 weeks had passed since my rebooting and last night i had another wet dream. I had a fight with my girlfriend a few days ago, it seems that she is thinking only about her and her feelings and she forgets about how i feel. Maybe she dosen't do it purposely but this realisation really got me to thinking mode. I can think things really deep and that's not a good thing sometimes. We did not see eachother for almost a week. She is a type of person that she forgets things, and i am starting to belive that she also forgets things that happend betwin us and feelings. Basicly when we don't date for more than 2-3 days we no longer understand eachother and we start arguing ...I don't know what to do to make her understand that she needs to understand my feelings too...i will talk to her tomorow if i see her. I feel very depressed and let down, the way she is thinking is very wrong and sad...and i got to the point that i love her , i just want to work this out and make her realise . Well i hope tomorrow i'll feel better ... I really crave for love and affection and for the moment is the only thing i need, more than sex or MO-ing, PORN is in the past for me and i will never make us of it .


well not much at all...she

well not much at all...she can't sleep over so often becouse she have to wake up early to take some courses for arhitecture ultil she take the admission test for college, and she can't tell her parents she sleep at my house, whenever she dose she tells her she sleeps at one of her friend. The thing is that she is loosing her sync not me...

Well i'll try to do that, but

Well i'll try to do that, but she'll sure try to find me, i don't know how she'll react and i'm a bit afraid. One thing is clear, she got a bit cold with our relationship, she dosen't have the same wish to comunicate. I told her i will not talk to her for a while before posting her but yesterday i talked to her, she started the conversation. Do you think this will change things in my favor?