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In an earlier post I mentioned that I might have PE due to porn and masturbation addiction, do I decided to quit it in hopes my PE would decide to leave. Another symptom that I had was semen leakage whenever I am excited, be it watching porn or foreplay before sex.

So I did a little research about that and I found out that "Semen leakage is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve shut and hold the erection. Eventually maintaining of erection can be a problem. " and this might lead to "ejaculat(ion) upon penetration or in a short time after few strokes". Exactly the problem I had, and it takes me a very long time regain an erection after ejaculation.

It has been now 3 weeks now with no PMO. It hasn't been easy, especially when I am alone surfing the net, it takes a lot of self control stay away from porn.

A couple of days ago, by chance ( seriously :D ), I got to a page on reddit where women post nude pictures of themselves. I looked at a couple of images, maybe more, I got very aroused, and got the strongest erection since I started my detox. Although I am not happy about what happened, and it is probably delaying my detox, I am happy to say that I did not have any semen leakage, not a single drop, whereas three weeks ago, I would have had a substantial leakage.

Maybe I am a bit optimistic, but I think I am on the right track, and I know that I still have a long way to go.


Great job with 21 days.

Great job with 21 days. Looking at those images won't destroy your progress. But try to avoid it like the plague. Amazing how arousal can open the chaser flood gates. Be sure to be sibsituting natural and healthy rewarding activities to keep yourself sane and possibility of relapse at bay.

Actually this is already a

Actually this is already a great sign that progress has been made. If you can get turned on by a picture, then yeah it's a pretty good sign that you're returning to normal dopamine sensitivity.

For me this was definetly the sign that my libido was returning.

But definetly keep an eye out for excessive behavior

Glad your body

is bouncing back so swiftly. How's your mood? Keep in mind that most brains  become MORE reactive to addiction-related cues for a while during recovery. So hang on tight!

Thanks for the info on PE. Do you have a link to where you got that? I might post it on YBOP for others with similar issues.

Do you do kegel exercises? (I'm not saying you should, as I don't know. I'm just asking.) http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/kegel-exercises

I am generally in a good mood

I am generally in a good mood, since I am off porn. It used to be depressing for me masturbating to porn, now i am feeling better. But always actively preventing myself from PMO. I hope one day it'll be natural to stay off it.

Those are two websites where I found similar information about the semen leakage, PE and masturbation:


Although in the second link they talk about a natural drug that helps in the recovering process.

I am aware of kegel exercises, but do not do it. I also read some articles about edging (helps for PE), but did not do it as well since it requires orgasm at the end, maybe I will start doing it when I think I am fully rebooted.


Just to let you know, I have

Just to let you know, I have been answering questions about this for years. The following is a post from YBOP, and my comments are below it (over there):


This particular Herbalove article does not discuss his overall theory, but the Ayuervedic article is basically a knock-off of Herbalove's main thesis, which can be seen in the above link.

I taught for years at an Institute with a Traditional Chinese Medicine program, so I am very familiar with its model, diagnosis, and treatment. One thing all the teachers said is, "You cannot mix the Western medicine model with the TCM (or Ayurvedic) model."

But this doesn't mean the TCM or Ayurvedic models don't have some validity. They may.

In terms of Western medicine, however, much of the article is simply incorrect. Other parts are not known, such as what happens to the spinal nerves that go to the penis. None of the claims are backed up by any research studies.


Semen leakage is a sign of sexual exhaustion.

Western medicine doesn't recognize sexual exhaustion.

Semen leakage is caused due to weakening of parasympathetic nerve. Parasympathetic nerves are responsible for keeping the ejaculation valve shut and holding the erection. It is difficult to hold the erection with weak nerves and hence the problem of semen leakage arises.

No evidence either way on this one.

Masturbation, if practiced regularly, stimulates the acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions.

So what? Nerves don't wear out. What about the parasympathetic nerves that release acetylcholine onto the heart, continuously, from months before your birth until the moment of your death?

Stimulation when taken to a greater level can cause over production of sex hormones and neuro-transmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. A larger secretion of these hormones and neurotransmitters, causes the brain and adrenal glands to perform excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion.

Complete nonsense. No evidence whatsover for the overproduction of sex hormones due to masturbation or sex. The 3 neurotransmitters listed do NOT leave the brain and enter circulation, so they cannot directly affect the adrenal glands, although their imbalance may indirectly do so. There is no "excess conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine". All this is made up and cannot occur in the manner described.

So where are we? Maybe something does happen to the parasympathetic nerves, but the nerves responsible for erections are far more than just parasympathetic. Maybe the problem and its resolution still come down to a decline in dopamine signalling in the brain, which affects the tone of the nerves innervating the penis. Lots still to learn about male sexuality.

See this FAQ and the 3 major links - Any connection between orgasm, masturbation, and testosterone levels

I agree, what you say is

I agree, what you say is logical, but I have a proof of what they said in the article, no more nocturnal semen leakage, and I didn't get a semen leakage when I got aroused the other day. The only thing that changed is that I stopped porn and masturbation. Probably there is a different scientific explanation, but maybe there is a link between masturbation, semen leakage and PE.

I think you are misunderstanding me

I am saying that Herballove's physiological explanation of the cause is not possible. I said nothing about the treatment - which is very similar to what guys do when they "reboot."

Have you visited YBOP? Have you read the links I provided?

You may be thinking, "Why does it matter whether the cause is sexual exhasution or addiction-related brain changes?"

Here's why: Many guys with porn-induced sexual dysfunction may wrongly believe that they can continue viewing porn, or edging to porn without ejaculating and still recover, because they believe "excess ejaculation" is the cause of their sexual problems. For many, this will not work because it is the extreme novelty of Internet porn which is overstimulating their brains, and causing dopamine dysregulation (an addiction process).

Hundreds of websites link to YBOP, so I have seen many guys who simply cut out ejaculation to treat their "sexual exhaustion". It didn't work for them, while giving up porn did. This suggests the problem is in their brains not their penises, and their brains need a rest.

Thanks for raising this. I need to do an FAQ on it.


in my experience

edging without ejaculation and without intercourse produces the same changes in my brain as ejaculation does. The same post-orgasm stuff without the orgasm. 

A friend of mine told me he edges with his wife in intercourse, and gets very close to ejaculation but doesn't do it, and it works out for him without the post-O type of complications. But note this is with intercourse, not with masturbation.

I find also that when I have frequent Karezza-style intercourse without ejaculation, even to the edge, it doesn't produce any fallout. So I think that there is something to this: with a partner, it's different, at least during intercourse and with the gentle loving non-fantasy intercourse, not intercourse where we work outselves up to an orgasm but don't have the orgasm.

Do you see the difference?

On the other hand, if my partner just stimulates me without ejaculation and without intercourse, with the aim of getting me worked up sexually, it seems to cause me fallout. Interesting, no? I keep careful records to observe this type of cause and effect.

And: A lot of guys here are quite sure that fantasy and getting worked up hurts their recovery even if they do not ejaculate or lose any semen at all. They have experimented, hoping to view porn without harm, and it hasn't worked for them at all.

In my experience it is vital not to have fantasy or work up the brain's excitement circuitry when you are recovering from a porn addiction, and probably any addiction.

It is very helpful to have non-ejaculatory non-orgasmic Karezza-style intercourse even to the edge. 

Right on bro!

Keep up the good work. Stay away from those nude images... you may be surprised how easy it is to fall back into porn when you have a penis that works.