current progress to my reboot and rebalancing programme

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hey there guys,just thought of posting something today since i tried to do so yesterday but i think the site was down or something.I think am pretty much okay since my last post and am going on well with my reboot programme.I don't fantasize about porn or get any porn flashbacks,thank God.But i keep thinking about my past girlfriend which at times makes me feel a little bit sad.I've been playing and studying chess late in the evening which keeps me away from thinking about all this things.
Of late i have been surfing alot on dating tips to try and improve my overall dating game which makes me feel much better knowing am adding something to my overall dating skills.I hope they are not harmful in any way to my rebalancing and rebooting programme.I tend to look up at what other guys are going through and just hope they will find that inner strength to overcome this addiction like am trying to do.I don't know if i should try to stop reading other people's post for a while since they tend to remind me of my bad past regarding pmo.
Also I have come to appreciate the fact that this rebalancing and rebooting process will require alot of patience and discipline from my part.So how long does it take to get back your morning wood again after abstaining from m-ing since i don't watch porn anymore.

I also think I will be posting something once in a while once i get a sense of anxiety or a feeling of being depressed rather than daily as in the past.But thanks for everybody's support during this difficult period in my young life and lending me an ear to listen to my problems.Thank you once again.


Those nasty dips in mood

seem to be part of the process for many guys. The good news is that good days get more and more frequent after the worst of withdrawal passes.

"How long?" is addressed here:

Since you're young, this may also be relevant:

Tips For Former Fappers

Sounds like you're doing really well with the self-discipline. It might also help to make an effort to connect with others. And meditation or exercise (or both) also work wonders. Ideas:

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