handling a reboot process while undergoing a break up.

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hi there everybody, i just want to say how grateful i am to get a chance to have somebody finally listen to what i have to say.I will just go straight to what i want to say. The thing is I have been watching porn ever since i was 12 and now am 25.The thing is over an year ago i came to the conclusion that porn is not adding anything to my life and it only left me feeling empty inside.It has costed me a lot in terms of time,opportunies(read relationships,past and present) and even my self confidence to some extent.
I began the journey to stop watching porn once i discovered i couldn't get it up while getting intimate with my first girl friend.I decided to end that relationship since i thought that girl wasn't doing something right for me to get aroused,but deep down i knew porn was the deeper cause. During the month of september last year i met this sweet girl who really got me feeling things i hadn't felt before.We were together for around one month before she said she couldn't commit since alot of things were not in place.But i think the distraction from porn towards her made me be all over her face until the relationship couldn't grow gradually.

What i wanted to know were the following things:
1.how do you handle a break-up while still undergoing a reboot process?
2.Since its been over one and half months since i started my reboot process,i tend to feel distracted by every woman who seems to expose any part of her body while on the streets.Will this urge reduce gradually with time or whats up?

p.s i finally feel safe while on the net now without feeling any anxiety to visit any porn sites. i think the reboot process is working.



well , as you said the break

well , as you said the break-up is bcs of ur porn addiction , if i were u i would definitely be more determined to stop P and M , the rebooting process takes a lot of time , ur 1 and half month is great but still is just the beginning , ur brain is not balanced yet , and from my point of view , being attracted to hot girls on the street is not a bad thing , its gonna be easier in time ,just don give up! and never watch porn again. and do not M for a couple of months.

if you can

it would really be helpful if you can talk to your GF and maintain a relationship. If you and she don't have strong chemistry maybe she and you can become cuddle buddies and real friends. That would really be super helpful for you and probably for her. What a great opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.