♥ Do women reboot after giving up orgasms?

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I thought this deserved a quick blog post. Do you think women flatline and go through a period of little mental arousal when they give up orgasms?

Does this stand to reason?

Is it your experience at all?

It seems to be what is happening with Sparkles. This is hypothesis on my part. But she has no desire to engage in sexual activity. She does lubricate and enjoys the physical closeness but insists she doesn't have much sex drive. At the moment she doesn't seem to have any. It's cool and we are doing a lot of fun bonding and PVI every day almost anyway. But I was thinking, maybe this is a female version of rebooting and also some internal adjustments to the Karezza and all sorts of mental rearranging that may go along with that?

Maybe she has low dopamine right now? She doesn't feel anything like the same way I feel about her, and maybe it's partially to do with low dopamine that doesn't let the oxytocin build up the way it has with me? I'm not expecting her to feel exactly as I do about her, but the changes in how I feel are so dramatic due to bonding behaviors and no orgasm. And I have read here that she will get somewhat the same types of feelings. Maybe she hasn't yet because of low dopamine?

I want to say I'm very content and happy, and no complaints here. My neediness is way better and we're having a good time. We are communicating better and better so I feel that I have a handle on her feelings as she is telling me honestly. That's why I've been thinking about this reboot low dopamine possibility...



Maybe you should do something

Maybe you should do something for her. If you can afford it, buy her a day at a spa, complete with massage. Or maybe plan a weekend bed-and-breakfast getaway. Maybe she just needs some excitement or something. It might do you both some good. A little adventure like that to get the heart pumping is never a bad thing!

I wouldn't

be surprised. It's a big adjustment for anyone.

It's fun to hear about her improved mood. She sounds like a chip off of my same block.

I'm convinced they do

I think it stands to reason that GIVING up orgasms will result in "reboot". Hard to tell. Sparkles said today she had a day feeling kind of empty and flat. Of course it could be something else. But to me it stands to reason that no more orgasms for awhile (it's been many days) will cause some withdrawal symptoms, right?

And this may be why it takes a few weeks or months for receptors to build, or whatever it is, and to become more aware of those vagina feelings...who knows.