Karezza -- sex every day, and the most powerful anti-anxiety medication

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So who would have thought that here I am in my fifties having sex with my beautiful wife Sparkles just about every day?

My feelings for her have deepened immeasurably since we started this.

And I just don't have any issues getting erections. They come, they go, but I don't come. That's the only rule :)

So far I haven't and it's been great. She hasn't either for almost a month.

I asked her, why she is doing this?

She says that I am not orgasming so she won't either. And that I gave her a hard time about it and she feels self conscious if she does.

On the other hand, she feels deeper feelings for me, she says. And although she still doesn't feel really aroused, she seems to be more present and enjoying intercourse more and more. Unlike before we don't have conventional foreplay. Oral sex just doesn't seem to belong in this new world either. It's all about penis in vagina and all about spending a lot of time cuddling and snuggling and what-have-you.

I mentioned last time that I am going through some tough times in my business. I am sure they are temporary and it is the nature of business to sometimes be that way, in my experience. Ups and downs are part of business just as they are part of real life.

She is handling these far better than she did before. And so am I. Oxytocin is the most POWERFUL anti-anxiety agent nature devised.

And, we really talk about stuff. More and more. We always communicated well. But now when we are snuggling we talk about stuff we never would have discussed before. We are closer than ever. Wow.

This morning I initiated intercourse and she said okay, if you want to. And I did. It wasn't great, but it was fine with me and fine with her too.

Each day doesn't have to bring nirvana.

I told her last night that the penis is supposed to be healing for the woman, per Diana Richardson. She thinks it's malarkey and maybe it is, but there seems to be some truth there somewhere. I also have been listening to Barry Long's Making Love recordings. The message is, have very frequent intercourse even if you don't feel like it.

So that's what we're doing. I always feel like it. She doesn't always feel like it, but is becoming happier with it even if she doesn't feel like it. I think this is better. So we have intercourse just about every day and sometimes it's fantastic. Sometimes it's so-so. But it's very healthy for each of us.

She finally stopped worrying about taking a shower afterwards for fear of UTIs. I hope she doesn't get one, I don't think she will get one, and I think it's far better not to have to bolt out of bed to take a shower after intercourse. It's her call but she stopped doing it.

And I expect that as we move along she'll wake up to sensations she has never experienced before. We'll see. Meanwhile I can't tell you how much better I feel these days and how much better life is.

Even in some tough times, things are SO much better than before. It's like a different planet. I hope you'll try it out. Simply:

1. resolve to bond every day, morning and night, like 30 - 60 minutes or longer, and

2. don't have orgasms.

You too will enter an entirely different world LOL.




What a report!

Karezza put an end to my UTI, so I hope it works out for her too.

Yes, frequent intercourse is very healthy.

Not sure what the business troubles are, but maybe they are giving you more time for each other right now. I suspect they'll turn around, or lead to something even better. This is a powerful practice.

thank you!

it will all be fine. But really, oxytocin is the most amazing anti anxiety thingie. You can't possibly bond with your partner for hours at a time every day and feel all that anxious. It is most wonderful. I will get through this. It *is* a powerful practice, prosperity all around.