the "old member" reunion thread - please tell us how you are doing if you've been here a long time

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Lots of folks here helped me. When I started here, I went back and read virtually every old post, multiple times.

It's been awesome ever since, but I know that what happens to most people in this "community" is they graduate and move on.

Mostly because this type of sex just becomes the way you do things in your life. There is not much to improve on and no reason to keep visiting.

But I think most of the "old" members do return here from time to time.

I'd love to hear from you, you know who you are.

Anyone who has been on here for 3 or 4 years or more, I'd love to see where you are at and what your journey has been like.

I'll start. Mine is very stable. My wife doesn't enjoy sex much, we have intercourse about 4 times a week, Karezza, and it is wonderful for me. I have gotten mostly over the "why doesn't she like sex the way I do", I continue to hope she'll want to, but she is satisfied with this level of things for her and isn't interested in focusing on sex in her world. 

So now, what has your journey been like?



Same for Me

emerson, my experience with my wife is exactly the same as your experience with your wife. But, all is fine and both of us are content. And, I hear fewer requests for ‘normal’ sex, nowadays. I appreciate my good fortune.

Better than ever!

As someone who experienced incredibly difficulties at first in resisting climaxing, I can now say (eleven years on!!!) that this urge is almost wholly tamed; and the net result has been pleasure for both my wife and myself that is off the scale. We haven’t knowingly graduated to ‘’energy sex’’, but we are finding less overt movement can bring extraordinary sensations in its wake. A certain intensity has to be present, but not necessarily much friction.

I am glad to say my wife is fully on board (without our having ever really discussed it) and the learning process continues.