Is sex becoming passé?

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Yes, and although

the author mentions all the key elements, she doesn't really nail the cause we suspect is the prime one.

Japan has been porn friendly since the days of woodcuts. It has led the development of anime and hentai (cartoon) porn, so kids can start really early. It leads the world in high-tech sex aids (for desensitized brains that now have trouble responding to real genitals), and it was on the leading edge of getting highspeed (porn).

Japan is hitting the wall sooner than we are, but as one commenter asked, "Is this the future we don't want?"

i think so too

I read some of the 650+ comments. I found this so fascinating. 

There are cultural issues here for sure -- men work long hours, women feel still stuck in traditional roles and don't want to face a lifetime of married life the way their parents and grandparents did things.

But yes I think in short it's the porn. Some of the commenters live in Japan and the porn there is taken to an extreme. Even the article mentions this dominatrix and is so matter of fact about it all. 


Great article

Thanks for sharing, Emerson~~I can hardly blame women for not wanting to be married in a country where they lose so much when they make that decision. "Marriage is a grave"~~who would want that, really?