is she aroused? Too much focus on my partner?

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I am really having a great time with Karezza. This journey has been amazing.

I was realizing today that perhaps I worry or think too much about whether my partner is actually aroused and enjoying things.

I mean, I want her to be. But the real magic of Karezza happens when I go inside and am very present in my own body, lately with a focus on the root of my penis and my solar plexus. That's when things get amazing for me. And I think that I focus too much lately on how she's doing and what she's feeling.

I can't know what she's feeling. And I can't really be responsible for her being aroused. And maybe it's better that she isn't aroused all that much. Who can know.

As we've proceeded along this journey, I think lately I've morphed into thinking too much about her and what she's feeling, which is a lot like regular sex without the orgasm. With hot mating type sex, it was all about getting her aroused and hot, and her doing that with me. In a way I've fallen back into that path a bit.

Now I realize it.

So I'm going to focus on my own sensations again and the flow of energy between us.



Male Sending

I really appreciated your insights here. I think men who have had issues with sexual rejection, lonliness and lack confidence end up putting too much importance on what the woman is experiencing in love-making. It is so amazing when a man can just "be the space" and love a woman with his male presence. It takes a completely different attitude to just say, "I'm here to serve you with my body, to allow the divine energy to flow through me". What I've found is that it tends to melt a woman. She no longer feels that needy "getting" dynamic coming at her. A man who isn't phased by anything becomes very appealing and attractive to a woman who is connected to her feminine self. Too often, in our culture, I think we guys expect women to be sexually motivated and focused like a male. We think that she should "want" to do it like we do, instead of just allowing them to be what they really are, free flowing, nurturing and expansive beings. It's really nice to practice pre-forgiveness with a woman, float with her in her pleasure and allow it to just flow out naturally, bring her chocolate treats, take her dancing, smell her, what more is there?