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OMG this forum has been so flat and dead. Wake up y'all.

So I've been doing some health things that shall remain nameless and having extraordinary feelings and erections. Result is that I have come twice in a week. Not what I really enjoy. 

I could have stopped it both times but I suppose it's really about getting a little too worked up.

Anyway, I want to say HI and hopefully spark some conversation here, on this most treasured place.



Got my Coffee

I am reading the third author that is having a profound effect on my life. The first was CPA. I wasn't happy with my sex life and the Poisoned Arrow woke me up to a whole new world of possibilities. Marnia's intelligence and compassion has shepherded many here.
The second was Marci Shimof, "Love For No Reason"; helped me get in touch with my heart.
The new author I am exploring now is David Deida. I started with "The Way of the Superior Man" and now I'm onto "Finding God through Sex'. Good challenging stuff....
I was lying with my Izzy; I was so excited to have her close. Deida's voice confronted me with, "Go past the sensation of skin and heartbeat, softness and firm. Go through it to the place of Love. Penetrate her with your presence and love." For me, karezza was never going to work without love.
Blessings on the sleepy one's

C'mon, Spill the Beans!

"...So I've been doing some health things...and having extraordinary feelings and erections..."

What a teaser statement! What's the secret health formula to extraordinary feelings and erections? Those two things are kind of important! Inquiring minds want to know!

ha ha

I was wondering about that too, but wasn't going to be the first to ask. Smile

Maybe the forum has been so quiet because of the extraordinary election that just occurred in the US.


The rise of nationalistic fascism is terrifying! We is the US are called to a higher degree of vigilance.
May we all find peace in our lover's arms

Back on track

Emerson, you are avoiding James and John's questions about "....the extraordinary erection that just occurred in the US". Your enlightening us would be a welcome distractions for us Brits - what with Brexit and all. Wondering how to withdraw and still keep the love going. And whether to do that "soft" or "hard"............

alright. Well let me explain.

alright. Well let me explain.

If you measure your temperature, in the AM upon waking it should be close to 98F.

Mine was much colder. By wearing very warm clothes and taking a hot shower etc. you can get your temperature up, and keeping it higher will change your body's set point.

When you get it right, it starts around 98F and then climbs to 98.6F. during the day.

Even a bit short of that, I'm much warmer than I was. And my erections have been amazingly better. My anxiety (never that high) has been way lower too, and I just feel so much better mentally. Clearer.

There is a lot more to it, but that's the essentials. 



So, getting warm in the morning, upon waking, has powerful physical and psychological results for you? Neat!

I enjoy cooler temperatures (I typically wear shorts) and take cold showers. I may experiment with your approach, of wearing warmer clothes and taking hot showers, to see what happens. Thanks!