wonderful feelings continue

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We have intercourse so far about every day. She seems very eager to see me and to cuddle and invite me in. It is the most amazing bliss for me but probably not for her.

It really sets a fantastic tone for the day, at least for me. It is hard to describe how much better things feel during the day.

This is good. Because as I have written earlier, I am going through a very stressful time in my business. I think it is coming to some resolution for the moment but I wake up feeling anxious. When I went into the bedroom and snuggled I felt at first just anxious about my work. Then I kind of melted into her and my body responded and it was wonderful. And remains so hours later.

I find myself feeling like I am deeply in love as if on a honeymoon but it's that way all the time. I often stare at her kind of in awe. She catches it and laughs and I laugh.

She said she is willing to read one of the books so I think I'll suggest Tantric Orgasm for Women but I'll encourage her to skip the Osho quotes and some of the woo stuff near the beginning. Seems the book really gets going in maybe the third chapter.