Day 2 PMO

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Currently on day two of PMO. Not feeling too happy at the moment, just kind of been down n the past couple of hours. Haven't really had the urge to study or do anything else. Work went ok, but I feel like tomorrow my mind is going to be cluttered. Going to stay positive and push to one week as a short term goal! :)



Sorry it's rough. Can you at least stay off the porn? It does way more to keep you hooked in the cycle than mere masturbation.  How do I masturbate without porn? | Your Brain On Porn

Remember: The things that help the most are exercise, meditation, time in nature, socializing and beneficial stressors like cold showers:

Waiting until you "have the urge" to do things simply doesn't work in a brain that's "under water." It's the doing of healthy activities that makes it easier and easier to do them.

*big hug*



I am on day 3 now. I am just trying to push through the urge to do it but it's extremely difficult. I haven't viewed any P or MO'd so I feel good about that. Just trying to stay focused :D


Just know that if you get anxious, try M without P. Without bingeing. Some brains need a gradual approach. We just read an interesting study showing that brains that tend to use compulsively also tend to "condition" their sexuality to new stimuli more quickly. Probably, this was an advantage in evolution, but it's not when viewing today's porn. Crazy

That's my confusion

Like I've done that before. M without P and I just felt this overwhelmed guilt. Idk why, but I felf "incomplete" it's really just weird to me idk and then I cave in and fully relapse.

It's tough

because there's a "hangover" build into climax. That is, there are neurochemical "ripples" that continue for a while. And in guys who are recovering the "hangover" can be quite severe, at first, just as you describe. Think of it as an intense withdrawal pattern.

That's why many guys prefer "cold turkey." That is, they avoid all orgasms for a while, until their brains are back in balance. Then they slowly introduce orgasm (without porn!).

But anyone with OCD tendencies often either needs meds for a bit or a gradual approach. "Toughing it out" means experiencing such severe withdrawal discomfort that they just can't do it. It's not a matter of willpower. It's a matter of fighting particularly stubborn brain chemistry. They need a "boost" to get to the upper rungs of the ladder.

As I've told you, you are making a mistake to continue screwing around with this. You are training your brain with each relapse and as you age, it gets harder to change earlier patterns. Get help now. The smart choice is to beat this, not to continue telling yourself that what hasn't worked before will suddenly start working.

*big hug*


Yeah you're right

I think it's time I start reaching out and find some outside answers. I feel like I am stuck in a loop, and it's not good to be stuck this way. Being both back and fourth with this and trying to stay sober is overwhelming. I'll start to open my mind to these things and start focusing on what matters.

Thanks :D

What a great story by the 300

What a great story by the 300 day fellow. Great to read his continued progress.

Terrible, what our dark overlords have done to us, to disempower us. Great to see people awakening and throwing off their shackles.