Trying different techniques to get back to how I use to be. Day 2

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uhh the tittle really explains itself.. I am trying the k9 again, but I'm not 100% sure if I am going to keep it or not. I am going to try and M without watching P and see if it helps me along my journey, I usually relapse due to stress from studying. All that stress builds up and I can't think while I am trying to study. Just trying different things. Currently on day 2!


Sounds like a plan

Just notice if you find your masturbation frequency or duration increasing. They could be signs that you are losing ground. Also, try to limit your fantasizing to real experiences you have had, not porn or fetish scenarios.

The goal is to wire to realistic sex so it will be enjoyable in the future. Smile


That's what I am planning to do, try to eliminate the "P" situations and be more realistic! I think if I get to a week or two, it would be easier for me to want to watch it because my "horniness" will go down.. trial and error trial and error!

If it works,

that will be great. You're not the only guy who has tried this approach. So far, results have been mixed.

Let's hope you're one of the lucky ones for whom it works.


What I mean is that when I M, I get a guilty feeling and I want to relapse fully by doing the complete PMO. idk why, but I'd rather just do this without M, but it's extremely hard, especially when I haven't been myself in over a year. I can't make simple decisions nor can I execute them properly like I use too.. I'm just completely lost Marnia..


I'm trying many different things and learning much, but I have one rule - ABSOLUTELY NO PORN! I think that's the root of it. See where that takes you. What I've did was lay off all fantasy for a few weeks, and then ease your way into non-porn fantasy, even if it's crazy fantasy at first. It probably will be, because that's what you're used to. I think if you need to get off, do it, and then see what you need to cut back on. But make sure you start with no porn as your rock-solid foundation.

So, to recap:

Rule 1) No porn



Just taking things day to day at this point.. trial and error and finding out what works for me, your guys advice is very good and sincere and I appreciate it. I will find a way to beat this someday.. I just gotta be patient and learn from my mistakes.. and learn to be happy with myself..