116 days

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I'm at day 116, no P no M.

I am going to shoot for 160 days, My last reboot was about 158 days clean and sober.

I am really going for this choice as my way of life for whatever time I have here. Not masturbating daily helps me in ways too numerous to list. Not the least of these is the absence of brain fog, sleepy, lazy and bad tempered.

these sexual hormones from orgasm are so powerful! there should be caution labels on our genitals but that would just feed the fire!


Ha ha!

If we were just taught the potential in managing sex and encouraged to find the level that works best for us as individuals it would be such a huge step forward. As it is, everyone is encouraged to rush over the cliff and then told they had "issues" and just need to accept themselves as they've ended up...whatever the wreckage.