127 days and lousy sleep, down cast mood.

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Still strong in the no P no M fight.

Did not sleep last night, for a variety of stress reasons, I'm guessing. Whoa, awful, fuzzy and nervous feelings today. I better sleep tonight.

I had been sleeping pretty good recently but got a bit anxious over some work last night. Anyway, it is better than the old days when I would medicate myself to sleep with P and M, and still get very little sleep as my binge might keep me up to some crazy hour.

As uncomfortable as it can be , this is better by far!!!

Almost 128 days, 130 will be Friday. And this will be the first clean Easter in my adult life. Amazing if I do say so.


I'm sorry

As one of my favorite books says,

Remember: it is not that those who cultivate wholeness and virtue in themselves do not encounter difficulties in life. It is that they understand that difficulties are the very road to [spiritual growth]: by meeting them calmly and openly, however they unfold, and joyfully developing themselves in response to them, they become natural, complete.

In other words, it's AFGO ("another f-ing growth opportunity").Pardon

Hope things are soon sunny again. Enjoy your clean holiday!Angel