154 days of no P and no M

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Well I am day 154, it is actually 5 months since I began this path away from P and M. It was a Monday morning and I was just sick of it, sick of the secrecy and the awful way that my life in the "darkness" had completely taken over. Of course , this is my second real true effort to move away from my habit. My last one lasted 158 days so I am closing in on that...

The difference in my state of mind and determination is significant. I have not congratulated myself, last time I felt good, I felt very proud to have "beaten" my addiction. I started to get a real feeling that lead to overconfidence. I am happy this time but realize that every day I must maintain my focus! Also, this time around I have quite all M and fantasy not just porn.

I am staying very accountable at my other journal at yourbrainrebalnced.com, a very good group of men. I will check in here when I break 160!