50th day no PM- Big deal right?

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Yes, I know just another guy putting up his personal numbers. Lots of men have proudly displayed 7 day, 20 days, 50 days , 90 days and so on. Heck, I've even been here "before". Probably around Nov of 2011 more or less.

Just marking off the days, big deal. I have read of some guys who see more value in not tracking their period away from porn. Others cheer each other on as new milestones are met. I don't know it's open to personal subjective opinion.

Some days recognizing these "milestones" leaves me feeling proud, others...meh. It is all pretty arbitrary isn't it?

The only real consideration is why I am not seeking and using porn... that has not changed. I am not using PM for the simple reason that I don't need that bullshit. It is no different than any other mind-numbing , unconscious and debilitating drug or activity that addicts and traps humanity. Gambling, smoking, crack and beer... even shopping and overeating... all things that trap modern man (person).

I am and always have been better off , in every sense, when not using PM. As for those other substances , I am lucky to never have had any period where they were part of my life.

So no real big deal with the 50. But, big deal making my own way.


I liked this guy's comment

from NoFap:


I feel like part of a movement. But I view it as men giving the finger to a world that tries to make us soft, doughy, pleasure-addicted shadows. Instead we are becoming happy, grounded, strong, disciplined, and not dependent on electronic baby formula to keep us complacent.

Consumerist society doesn't know what to do with capable, independent, secure, disciplined men. We're terrifying! =D

For more such insights:


It's a big deal to me.

Congratulations and many happy returns. That's fifty days of healing for your body, mind, and soul. Fifty days toward reintegration. Fifty days closer to a possible healthy sexual experience or relationship.