65 days no PMO

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I am now on day 65, Friday was 9 weeks on this version of my path.

Really when I assess things I have had two major relapses in about 3 years now, so far , far more time not using pornography and masturbation than using it. I mean probably 85-90% of my last 3 years have been free from PMO use!!

I still consider myself an addict. I know from experience that if I were to view pornography and masturbate it would lead to repeated use until I wrestled control of it and got back on path, so the addictive nature is still there.

I have significantly less craving for P use. I enjoy m the sexual expression my wife and I have... I am talking more about karezza again. We have not tried it for a while but I am sure it has a place in my sexual makeup... a work in progress. Still.