70th day clean from a lifetime addiction

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My 70th day clean from my porn and M addiction.

Yes, I have been here before. I learned so much last time I think it is helping me this time around.

I am not using M , last reboot, I allowed a bit of M.

This morning I woke with my wife around 7, we lay in bed for over an hour, just hugging, touching, kissing very nice spooning. Lots of warm gentle contact. Yes , of course I got a full erection, but did not pursue any form of relief. She and we touched my erection a bit but I was fine with not going any farther.

This is a new me for sure. Last week I got cranky when we did not go full intimate. It's different now we are talking about what our sexuality means to each of us. The only thing is ... my wife looks so incredible. She got up and was in a t-shirt and underwear and I just was in awe of how much I love looking at her, this is after 30 years of marriage!

I've said it before. I am a truly fortunate man.


*big smile*

Your appreciation is a great way to keep her glowing too. Wink

Readiness is actually a more enjoyable state than frustration. Just takes a bit of brain balance to make the shift. Congratulations.

Thanks Marnia,

Thanks Marnia,

It is a complete change in my priorities and much for the better. While she was prepping some dinner, her turn, I walked by and just stopped put my head over hers and just breathed in. Beautiful.

It was a great read.

I've never heard any of my married or engaged friends say anything remotely similar to this when we talk about relationships. I've heard some nice things, but you captured the feeling or essence of your marriage in those moments, and it was a fresh breath of air.