Busy days create a test...

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Very busy and somewhat stressful morning. "Kicked" out of bed around 6:00am in order to drive my beautiful wife to the big city south of us for an 8:00am dentist appointment, hopefully ahead of the traffic chaos. Oops, still got stuck in traffic and was getting kind of stressed, I don't know how people commute every day, insane. Anyway the day just got busier from their and all without coffee until 11:00am, ouch.

There was a time ,not that long ago, when a day like today would have been an automatic "reward" , "numbing" , "porn drunk" when I returned home. I would have justified an hour or two of porn use as being my stress-relief of choice. Well, now I see so many choices and porn is not one of them! Period. Will just rest for 10-20min and get busy again, and enjoy some lifting tonight with my son coaching me, awesome plan, love it!

Be well, the tests are part of the process.