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Found a cuddle buddy but still no erections from cuddling

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This summer, i had sex several times with limited success. I used Cialis and got erections with oral/manual stimulation, got the condom on, but had a lot of premature ejaculation. I recently found a cuddle buddy and we have spent several days in the last week cuddling and sleeping. It's been nice and there has been no pressure to have sex.

However, I am still not getting erections from cuddling and holding like I used to (10 years ago). I am attracted to this girl, physically and emotionally.

1 year update - finally having successful sex

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The end of July will be a year of starting this journey. I've looked at no porn in this time and started masturbating on a semi-regular basis for the last 5-6 months. In the last 2 months, I have finally had successful sex with a condom. I had sex 3 times and used cialis twice. I also received oral sex 2 times without a condom. Additionally, normal libido has returned and I am starting to having horny feelings again on a regular basis.

8 months in and triggers still strong

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I have been pretty sick the last few days and haven't slept well. Today I had absolutely no libido and my penis felt completely dead.
After class, I was just reading an online men's magazine and read an article about sex positions that prolong erections.
They had pictures of women/men in those positions. No body parts were exposed but even just seeing
those pictures made me really horny and I had an overwhelming desire to masturbate. I had no desire
to look at porn but really wanted to release.

Erection from watching a normal movie - good or bad?

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I rented a foreign drama movie today and there was a sex scene with no nudity. I found the girl in the movie to be super hot.
I was surprised to find that I got a full rock hard erection just from watching it.
I did not physically stimulate myself at all. The erection only last about 15 seconds.

Is this a good sign of recovery or should I be avoiding sex scenes in movies altogether?
I can't even remember the last time I got an erection from watching a movie. It must have
been 10 years ago while I was still in college with raging hormones.

Day 170 - Starting masturbation schedule

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It's been about 170 days since I started the reboot process.
In this time, I've had several wet dreams and attempted sex one
time which resulted in a weak erection and premature ejaculation.
I have masturbated a few times since day 140 or so. I had been
traveling since the New Year without access to the internet.
I returned from my trip a few days ago and masturbated twice since then
to just sensual touch and light fantasy about a girl I'm dating. Since we both
live on opposite sides of the country, I will not be seeing this girl anytime soon.

Day 139 - first attempt at sex

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Hi All,

On day 139 of no PMO. Never relapsed but have masturbated twice.
Yesterday tried to have sex with a very beautiful girl. Also had 10mg of Cialis
just to give myself an extra boost.

During sex, she sat on top of me and grinded into me. After a few minutes,
was still completely flaccid. Then proceeded with oral sex. After about a minute of that, I was 70% erect but felt like I was about to cum. So she mounted and
I was barely able to get it in (due to not being fully erect). After being in for about 5 seconds, I ejaculated.

Day 114 - MO'd for the first time since starting reboot

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Last night, I had a semi wet-dream where I was having sex with a girl I knew. In previous dreams, I had trouble maintaining an erection
but this time, I was able to get an erection and penetrate but had premature ejaculation. I woke up and noticed a small amount of pre-cum
had come out and went back to sleep. In the morning, I woke up and decided to masturbate to test my sensitivity.

After 114 days, I was really sensitive and was able to get a full erection just by lightly strong it with a couple of fingers. I did not

Day 105 Update

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Day 105 of no PMO. No relapses and 3 wet dreams.

Since day 95+, i have noticed that my libido is not super high, making it easier to avoid fantasy.
I don't think I'm in a flatline as I do feel a hint of sex drive. Maybe my natural libido is
just on the lower end these days. Contrast that to when I was in college, where it was raging.
I'm a little disappointed it's not higher.

Morning wood and nocturnal erections are still present. Although, when I wake up the
wood goes away in less than 10 seconds. Was hoping to see it stay for much longer.

Day 65 of no PMO Updates

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Here is a brief summary of my experiences with no PMO after 65 days.

- Had no slip ups so far. I find it pretty easy to to avoid PMO (especially with lack of libido/flatline)
- 2 wet dreams on around day 10 and day 54
- Libido is mostly flat lined with some small spikes here and there
- Morning/Night erections occurring every night and are strong. Morning erections don't always happen but probably due to waking up in wrong cycle.
- NO spontaneous erections