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well guys onto day 12 of no PMO. went to a party last night and spit game like a mother fucker. talked to like 5 girls. one girl i was talkin to wasnt even that good looking but her tits were fucking huge popping out of her chest, i kept callin them airbags lmao. and my dick was alive! i was getting horny just flirting with her, i almost came lmao, although no errection, its a sign of life then this morning there was mad girls lookin at me, i just made eye contact.. before id be too shy to look. some gorl im gona talk to bent down when she looked at me, she was looking through her legs lol i shuda said somethin but was kinda awkward since i was lookin at her ass haha. i can say im in the best mood right now, i believe this no pmo stuff is all a mind game. i could prob perfrom but would need extra stimulation. im gonna continue with this journey, i have 3 dates next week! they will prob lead to orgasm though but hey its better wit real girls

just finished day 12 too.



thanks man ill keep u guys updated. well i just had a wet dream damnit. i was chillin with all the kardashians and they were comparing there asses and pussies and i came so hard lmao