starting over.

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im so dissapointed in myself that im starting from scratch. after going 55 days no PMO, relapsed several times.

clearly im not happy with my life in general. i need a girlfriend or someone to make me happy. im leaving university for good to go home and work.. probably just going to end up owning my own business which is pretty cool. but i think going home will give me some time to chill out and relax about life, and not get so stressed.

i hate pmoing, dont even know why i always go back to it, it doesent help me with anything in life.


Hey man,

Hey man,

sorry to hear that, be proud of those 55 days though!

Are you at university now? I found that university was a really difficult enivronment to be in and not use porn. Because all my flatmates were watching porn, and there was so many girls around on drunk nights out and what not. And because i had a girlfriend i couldn't be intimate with any of the many girls around on campus and at the student nights out.

So when i got back to my dorm room after nights out, a bit intoxicated. There seemed like nothing better than to relax turn the lights out and surf some porn. Even if it meant not getting up for a lecture in the morning because my energy was gone.

Another reason was because i had my own dorm room AND my own ensuite bathroom (no need to even leave my room for embarresing clean ups or whatever else). Yep, a bathroom with a shower, internet, comfy chair, comfy bed, laptop, lube, tissue and the sounds of your flat mates getting laid around you. Porn was an easy option.

Anyway. I left uni, not because of porn, but because i didn't enjoy it. I'm trying to start my own business as well, i think quitting porn so I have more time for myself and my business will be great.


Trying things

is a good way to learn what's right for you. Sorry this wasn't the path, but in the end you may be glad.

Good luck with the new business career.

thanks guys

for the encouragement. i just need to be free.. free of anxiety. school puts me through so much stress ontop of the porn ed. i need to get away, i feel like i should good on vacation for a month by myself!

i only have another 5 weeks or so of university, then im back home.