How long does your erection last without constant stimulation?

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Borrowed this thread off of fixme on ... Just thought it was an interestin topic so i felt i should introduce it here .... from wat i remember wen i was pmoing i needed CONSTANT stimulation or my erections would go within a few seconds ... Now seems if im lyin down on my side it can last about 15 to 20 mins and maybe about 20 secs standing up ... mind u all dis is off of a drained prostate ... MO'd 3 times all in one day about 2 days ago nd my privates specifically my balls is feelin really drained, irritated, and somewat uncomfortable at the moment so i kno these numbers would improve after at least 4 days of abstinence ... wat r ya numbers during PMO nd im wonderin if u guys have noticed improvements after PMO like i have? Im hopin that i could maybe get to havin at least a 1 min stand up erection ... that would be the ultimate test IMO since those for wateva reason go the fastest


to be honest -- a different perspective on your question

I've almost stopped caring about what my penis is doing. It seems to respond pretty well to real stimuli. I'm lucky because I have a wonderful partner and we have a lot of intercourse. But the big relief for me these days is letting my penis do what it wants without stressing out or caring all that much.

I realized that I have no control over it at all. And I've always known that but realized it really and truly and that has been a huge relief. I don't see why I would want an erection without stimuli, but I am pretty good at not fantasizing anymore, I don't consume porn and I don't masturbate. My erections last as long as I want them to, maybe even longer. It's very liberating because when I was using porn I was always worried about my erections with a woman and I have been using porn since I was 12 or so.

yea i believe a trustworthy

yea i believe a trustworthy partner who u can confide to is essential in recoverin from dis no PMO journey .... I always believed that since day 1 but in terms of my erections lastin as long as they want 2 idk about that .... welll another thing is that u can reall y compare sumbody who ejaculates every 3 weeks to sumbody who hasnt ejsculated in half a yr IMO ... but thanks 4 the input i really appreciate it nd hopefully i can b comfortably w myself sexually as well