Brain worms: Where did you come from, where did you go? Thought I beat you a long time ago.

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I’m experiencing the return of (perhaps) subconscious sexuality-related brain worms. These came about suddenly just upon waking. I wake up a bit jarred. Today, I started to get them at times when going about my day. These are the sort of brain worms that could easily cause all sorts of acting out and ultimately perception shifts. These seem primarily a revival of older brain worms, though perhaps with a different intensity. I started doing some yoga again early last week, after a hiatus, just before these brain worms surfaced. I know yoga can cause some strange things. Watching it all unfold for now. I guess I’ll have to keep up some yoga and see what happens.


I'm sorry

I can't help thinking that you're longing to throw your considerable energy and brilliance into something. Are you sure there's nothing around you calling?