On goallessness

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I've been processing some heavy emotions dredged up by some volunteering I did. Initially, I was placing much too much pressure on myself to process that in some preconceived way. It was positively awful. The experience was perhaps heavier than the emotions. I felt I was failing at something I have little control over. Then last night I realized I wasn't living this out by my values. I decided it was ok to go as far into the heaviness as I wanted to or needed to. However, I didn't have to. I could in a goalless way accept whatever my mindbody wanted at this moment including feeling as much or as little as I happened to be feeling. Although it didn't lead to a perfect day, it was quite astonishing in comparison.

The relationship with the self is so much like our relationships with others. It's so easy to forget how to be good to the self and let alone others with their own agendas, information, etc.