5+ Years conserving life energy (almost 2,000 days)

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It's been over 5 years since I discovered Karezza and visited this forum. I have deliberately conserved creative energy for over 5 years.

I knew something incredible would happen if I ventured down this path of total abstinence, and it is beyond anything imaginable. Actually, to maintain this state is effortless and natural. The leap of consciousness is incredible and it is now impossible to cram back into the limited way of being controlled by hardwired physical reflexes. This is the path to freedom.

A man just has to be disciplined and emotionally mature to experience life at the this level. The common issue I notice is that guys struggle with the 7, 14 and 30-day window. I think this is because of misdirected energy and attention. Focus on the vision of your life, direct your energy there, with the same intensity and enthusiasm like you would with sex, and you will be free to become who you really are.

Just thought I'd let others know what is possible.


Thanks, Marina

I used my skills primarily for creative purposes to explore different careers, and it gave me incredible focus whenever I needed it.

There was a 18 month period where I wrote and published several books. I was able to write on average 5,000 words a day, 7 days a week and release a book, start to finish, within 45 days.

Very impressive

Guess there's a reason the guys call 'em "superpowers" over on Reddit.NoFap.Yahoo

Any luck finding a karezza partner, or do you prefer a celibate path for some reason? This site isn't called "Reuniting" for nothing. Biggrin