Hilarious talk show about www.yourbrainonporn.com

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Hilarious talk show about yourbrainonporn.  I'm listening to it, so I'm only part way through it.

RED BAR RADIO (03-23-12)



Excellent. Of course we all

Excellent. Of course we all already know this, but it is entertaining listening to the talk show host discuss it. Hope he manages to sustain his re-boot.

Some day YBOP will be on Howard Stern, who I think is the lead porn enthusiast in all of media. It will be interesting to hear what HE makes of all this.

Someone posted the Pickup

Someone posted the Pickup Podcast link before: http://pickuppodcast.com. That's The Art of Charm guys. They also air on Sirius. The pickup community is anti-porn in the sense of being pro better men to get women.

Maybe Howard Stern will get wind of this via these shows or Sirius. We can't presume he'd be against it. Stern's a huge fan of Dr. Sarno who cured Stern's back troubles despite any naysayers within the medical community. Stern got where he got being clever.

Good luck.