Red Bar Radio Host Mike David Interviews Gary

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Listen to show from 27 March 2012

Interveiw begins at 0:29 and ends at 1:22

Note: If you enjoyed this show, you may want to listen to Mike David's earlier show about, which preceded this interview by a few days. The dscussion about YBOP runs from the start of the show to about the 45 minute mark.


I'm not sure he's going to

I'm not sure he's going to gain that much while still masturbating. He's got to stabilize by getting out of the orgasm cycle before he can know how he is affected by orgasm. Perhaps porn addiction and the orgasm fallout issues are two different stages of a similar phenomenon. Much of the support for non-orgasmic sex also supports non-orgasmic masturbation if one is to masturbate at all.

it was tricky

 to steer the radio ship. I had to walk a razors edge with masturbation. We know that giving up masturbation seems to cause a more profound recovery, but just giving porn may do the trick. Plus, for most listeners the thought of no porn was easier than no masturbation. All the callers confirmed exactly what we have been seeing here - escalation and the need for new genres in order to get off.

You came across as confident

You came across as confident in what you were saying. I sensed that's how you like to be. I'm not sure we really know with regard to masturbation. We know something is going on. Yet, it's not as easy to segregate and label as porn. Maybe your subconscious kept you toward the better supported claims. I found it funny how he liked your openness to talk about sexuality and yet if you had said no masturbation, he might have said you're nuts. The religious shaming is hard to shake.

I've been experiencing some escalation/novelty in masturbation, often without orgasm. This isn't exactly new as it used to happen as a child in the pre-porn days. I remember it puzzling me then, perhaps even before traditionally masturbating. I'm leaning as I have toward a model where PMOF are running on close enough circuitry. It might not even be orgasm as much as the amount of dopamine usually generated in the lead up to orgasm. That is why the unintended orgasms aren't as harsh. It's also why it's possible to masturbate to orgasm without much fallout or not orgasm and have plenty fallout. The orgasm hormonal issues might be an interesting garden path or just explain the process of what the body has to endure to stabilize.

There might be karezza-esque MF and possibly even porn. We'd probably first have to better understand what is different about karezza in terms of it not pushing people toward novelty. Knowing that boundary might unchain society from many problems.

A great interview

I thought you did a fantastic job keeping it light and irreverent while sharing the important truths about PMO and porn addiction. Well done, Gary. You continue to spread this message with integrity and dedication. So many lives are being changed for the better because of you and Marnia. Thank you.