Request for rebooter to tell story & be filmed in Portland Oregon.

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Below is an email I received. He wants someone willing to do a live story telling of rebooting. You can contact him at the website if interested.
Hello Gary,
Your research and recent TED Talk was recommended to me when I put out an inquiry among sexual researchers.  I would like to introduce myself and ask if you may be able to assist me.  This may be an unusual request, but I hope that you will find it intriguing.
My name is Eric, and I am the producer of a new live storytelling series in Portland, Oregon called The Mystery Box Show.  If you're not familiar with live storytelling shows, they are essentially an opportunity for a storyteller to take the microphone in front of an audience and tell a true and unscripted story from their lives, sort of the same way you would with a couple of friends after dinner over a glass of wine.  (Many people are familiar, for example, with the popular NYC-based storytelling show The Moth) Our particular show occurs every other month and we feature five storytellers each sharing tales based on the theme of sex and sexuality.
Since beginning the show this past spring we have had a wonderful collection of storytellers sharing stories from their own lives, and often their own personal sex lives.  Moving forward with the show, however, I would like to broaden the scope of what "sexuality" stories might encompass.  In particular, I would love to pursue stories with their origin in the area of science and research.  
In addition to that, I am fascinated by the "No Fap" communities you reference in your talk, and the stories that abound among them men and women who have abstained from pornography and masturbation.  
I would love the opportunity to discover if there are any researchers or "fapstronauts" local to Portland, Oregon who would be interested in sharing their stories on our stage.  We are currently seeking all of the storytellers we can find for our 2013 season and this sounds like a unique discussion I would love to add to our show.
Do you have any resources you could recommend, or perhaps know anyone personally, that would help me find the people I seek in Portland?  Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.  
I look forward to hearing for you, and I thank you for your time.  Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!
Eric Scheur