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Study: Meditation back to basics (stress & depression)

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(Medical Xpress) -- Fulltime workers who used a traditional 'silent' form of meditation became much less stressed and depressed compared to more conventional approaches to relaxation or even placebo, according to a paper published today in the online journal Evidence Based Complementary Medicine, a leading publication in its field.

Study Links Insulin Action On Brains Reward Circuitry To Binging on Food

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COMMENTS: This provides evidence for our theory of a binge cycle as described in our videos.

Here's a quote:

The weight gain was due to both an increase in appetite and reduced calorie expenditure. This effect of insulin could constitute an evolutionary adaptation by the body to an irregular food supply and extended periods of hunger: if an excess supply of high-fat food is temporarily available, the body can lay down energy reserves particularly effectively through the action of insulin.

Love and Addiction: Voles in Love Just Say No To Drugs

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COMMENTS: Prairie voles form pair bonds. Only a few mammals are socially monogamous like the voles. The ability to form pair bonds is dependent on neural circuits and neurochemicals. A species either has the brain mechanisms to pair bond, or it doesn't. It's not a learned behavior. Most humans can pair bond, so as a species we possess these brain mechanisms. The research shows that mated voles are protected from drug addiction, whereas single voles are susceptible to addiction.

Fish oil may have positive effects on mood, alcohol craving, new study shows

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Fish oil may have positive effects on mood, alcohol craving, new study shows
May 26th, 2011 in Psychology & Psychiatry

Omega 3 fatty acids may be beneficial for more than just the heart. Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine disclosed at a molecular level a potential therapeutic benefit between these dietary supplements, alcohol abuse and psychiatric disorders.

Participate in an online survey by researchers: The Impact of Internet Pornography

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Calling all (former) porn users
The following survey is actual research by university professors (University of Sydney). It's one way to have a positive impact.
The Impact of Internet Pornography

Aerobic exercise in rats reduces addictive behaviors and drug-induced dopamine release

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COMMENTS: Ecstasy using rats have a spike in dopamine and develop what's called conditioned place preference- which is preferring to hang out in the place where they experienced an unusually strong reward. Rats & people with addictions experience conditioned place preference. In fact, returning to the place of former drug use is a huge trigger for relapse.

Off-Broadway plays about porn - New York

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Pretty interesting that playwrights and theaters are starting to notice Internet porn as a cultural phenomenon.

Blue Coyote Theater Group Announces Roster of Plays for STANDARDS OF DECENCY

Blue Coyote Theater Group and Access Theater are proud to announce the full roster of short plays for their upcoming STANDARDS OF DECENCY 3: 300 VAGINAS BEFORE BREAKFAST. Each play runs approximately 10 minutes.

The Lesson by David Johnston, directed by Gary Shrader
A dark but funny look at the risks of finding your singing instructor on Facebook.