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We have the first study on the effects of porn on the brain

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This is not a brain scan study, only a study measuring the effects of pornographic pictures on memory. 

Basics: Internet porn interferes with working memory, just as addiction-related cues interfere with working memory in addicts. First study to assess the effects of porn on the brain. We now need a study on the long-term effects of regular Internet porn use - which can only be assessed by users eliminating porn use.

What would you advise parents to tell their son who is just gaining unsupervised access to Internet porn?

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In other words, how do you educate a kid about highspeed porn at an age when one of his prime evolutionary jobs is to create some distance from his parents and learn everything he can about human mating?

Your feedback will be incorporated in an upcoming presentation that will be delivered to parents and therapists in LA.


Rethinking the Wonders of Adult Masturbation

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Mainstream masturbation advice

How much masturbation is right for you? Consider the facts and make your own experiment.

Have you been taught that adult masturbation is so healthy that it's practically a tonic, that all orgasms are equally beneficial, that there's no such thing as too much ejaculation, and that there are dire consequences from not masturbating very frequently?

Porn, Masturbation and Mojo: A Neuroscience Perspective (our latest Psychology Today post)

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Our latest Psychology Today post. I've been wanting to get this one out there for a while. It addresses the questions about science behind benefits of rebooting

Ex-porn users usually get their mojo back. Why?